Visitors Services


Opening Hour

The Exhibition will be open to trade visitors and business buyers daily from 11 am - 5 pm .

Registration of Visitors

Visitors will be admitted only upon presentation of business card or completion of visitor registration ticket available at the exhibition center's main gate.


An official photographer will be available at the show.

Show Catalogue

The catalogue will be freely available to all registered visitors to the show.

Visitor Invitations

Exhibitors will be issued 100 free guest tickets to send to special business customers. Extra tickets may be ordered from the organizers. Please use "ORDER FORMS ". Trade visitors arriving without a ticket will be admitted on production of a business card.


The official florist, will set up an office at the exhibition enter during build-up to take orders for plants and flowers on hire. For more information, please contact the Organizers.

visitor Badges

Exhibitors and their staff will be issued exhibitor badges which must be worn on the premises at all times.


24-hour security is provided during the show. However, exhibitors are advised to take adequate precautions to ensure that all articles and valuable items are covered by their own insurance. The Organizers will not be responsible for the safety of articles of any kind brought into the exhibition hall by exhibitors, their staff or any person whatsoever.


A fast food and beverage service is available at the cafeteria.

Car Parking

Ample car parking facilities are available adjacent to the exhibition center.


Business Center / Press Center

For the convenience of the Exhibitors, visitors and press the Organizers will provide a business Center and Press Center within the Exhibition Hall, Including the following facilities: photocopying, stationary, mailing services, computer and printer. The Center also offers telephone, fax and e-mail services.

Air Travel

Damascus, Syria is well connected with many major cities of the world thanks to a wide selection of airlines serving Syria's International Airport.

Passport and Entry Visa Requirements

Visitors who do not require visa's to enter Syria include nationals from: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.